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We are launching this organization to educate people about the different waste management techniques and steps they can follow in order to properly manage and recycle waste. This will also help in initiating leading India towards "Green and Clean". One step towards "SWACHH BHARAT" and let's educate the people. Let's unite and try to contribute something to our Society, Community and Nation. Join the Community and take a step forward to educate the people and let's be the part of the change.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create awareness in the public domain about harmful effect of waste. To eliminate the need for landfills. This can help us to make our environment clean. Maximum amount of recyclable waste can be recycled and we can reduce the amount of waste going into marine and affecting aquatic life.

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Block 3, GIC Ahmedabad, L. D. College of Engineering,
Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, 380015

Mobile: +91 6351 752 586


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